First Aid Kit & Icelandic Horse
First Aid Kit & Icelandic Horse

First Aid Kit & Icelandic Horse

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The Horse Club comes to life - great, new girl figures and adventurous tales about the "Horse Club", made up of the four horse enthusiasts Hannah, Sofia, Lisa, and Sarah. The perfect add-on set for Hannah all about providing veterinary care. Just the right gift for Horse Club fans!

When she grows up, Hannah would like to become a vet like her mother. When an Icelandic mare begins foaling, Hannah is incredibly excited and rushes to the mare immediately with her first aid kit. Fortunately, the mare and foal are healthy and perky. What a wonderful day! Nonetheless, just to be on the safe side, Hannah opens the box to take out the stethoscope and examine the foal and its mother.

- Opening and closing box!
- Bandage fits on any horse!
- Many little pieces can be held in the hands of the figures!

Fun fact
The first aid kit contains everything Hannah needs to provide emergency treatment to injured animals.

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