MAN TGS Street Sweeper
MAN TGS Street Sweeper

MAN TGS Street Sweeper

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Street cleaning is an indispensable helper for every city administration and is part of the everyday cityscape. No other vehicle ensures clean streets and sidewalks as efficiently. The new street cleaning from BRUDER shows in great detail the functionality of this exciting truck. The MAN TGS is the perfect partner. Robustly built, equipped with powerful engines with up to 500 HP and with an above-average payload, this truck is the prototype for the much-described all-rounder.


The sweeper body has 2 rotating and adjustable cleaning brushes that can also be adjusted in height. This enables them to reach areas that are difficult to access. To clean surfaces, a long brush is mounted under the vehicle, which is driven while driving. At the rear there is a flexible hose with a suction pipe to hold large amounts of dirt. To empty the waste body, it can simply be tilted and the tailgate opened. The vehicle's impressive suction system is also shown when tipped. The street cleaning system can optionally be equipped with a Light & Sound module (item no. 02801/02802). Children can combine the bworld municipal worker (item no. 62130) from the extensive bworld theme world, as this impressively extends the play value.

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