Pick up with Horse Box
Pick up with Horse Box
Pick up with Horse Box
Pick up with Horse Box

Pick up with Horse Box

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Because she loves it so much, Betty the groom gives her Friesian mare Bella another good brush. The horse can sense that something special is happening today. And she's right: today, Bella is being taken to her new stall. After she has been properly tended to, Betty leads her carefully into the spacious horse box. Bella has a calm and peaceful temperament, but it still makes her very excitable. Then Betty gets into the pick-up and they slowly set off from the stables. During the journey, the mare looks around curiously. They will soon be at the new stallåÊ- and then, first things first, Bella will be allowed out onto the paddock.

- Detachable roof!
- Trailer big enough to hold two horses!
- Room for saddle and bridle!
- Room for animal feed and water!

Fun fact
Lots of horses get agitated when they travel in the horse box. But if they're well tended to, they will be less excitable.

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