Royal Seashell Carriage
Royal Seashell Carriage
Royal Seashell Carriage
Royal Seashell Carriage
Royal Seashell Carriage

Royal Seashell Carriage

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Today, Princess Isabelle and her friend Aryon are planning to enjoy a wonderful ride in the seashell carriage. All the Schleich figures are lovingly painted with detailed modeling and allow kids to learn while they play.

Just look at how the royal seashell carriage glistens in the morning light! It can be decorated to suit any occasion. Isabelle strokes the seahorse, then she gets in and gives the signal to go. Almost silently, the wheels roll over the white sand of the seabed. On other occasions, Isabelle unhitches the carriage and rides off to seek adventure by herself instead. She is beaming for joy because she is going to ride out to the underwater flower meadows with the merman Aquarius for a picnic. It's sure to be a wonderful day!

- Movable carriage can be opened and closed!
- The rainbow unicorn can also be harnessed to the carriage!
- Magnets allow figures to ride the detachable seahorse!
- Removable throne on rotating platform!

Fun fact
The seashell carriage is the most wonderful birthday present Princess Isabelle has ever received.

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